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Postings listed from my blog at Wordpress:

On Managing Github Issues

Github is a great site hosting open source Git source code repositories for free. It also provides a nicely integrated issue tracking system. However, it only provides labels for grouping or classifying issues. There is no built-in functionality for defining workflows or priorities. However, with standardized labels and some manual label management you can make […">

On Numbers whose Digits have Prime Number Bases

As mentioned in a previous post, I extended the number conversion algorithm in order to allow for converting numbers with arbitrary digit bases, because I wanted to play around with an idea I’ve had. I questioned myself what properties a number system has where the numbers have digits with prime numbers as there bases? You […">

Number Conversion with Arbitrary Digit Bases

In this article I described a simple algorithm which can be used to convert an arbitrary long number with base X to a number with base Y. The implementation assumed that all digits have an equal base, which suffices in most cases. In this article we will make small modifications in order to allow for […">

Convert a Block of Digits from Base X to Base Y

This article describes a simple algorithm which can be used to transform a block of numbers from base X to a base Y. It can be used to encode a string or binary data not only into another represenation like base16, base32 or base64, but to any base you like. Recently, I had to encode […">

Emulating F#’s ‘with’ Construct in C# using Parameter Object Design Pattern

This article introduces a way to emulate F#’s ‘with’ construct in C#. In particular, it is shown how a factory method can be implemented which creates a new object based on a provided template object and optional additional values (replacing values of the template object) in a type-safe way. While the presented solution doesn’t use […">

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